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Just a quick character sketch

  • The woman had her hair up in a messy high pony tell, a swirl of dirty dark brown hair and faded green color. 
  • The smell of heavy perfume, something strong and annoying tickling my nose or assaulting it.
  • The exposed skin of her arms, a blanket of colors of lines symbols, inscribed on her skin. Peaking out from underneath her green tanktop, her jeans were rolled up, a pink on foot, a green on another from old oxford shoes.
  • Her face was hidden by big white glasses, that had swirl of patterns on it. A gold chain looped around her shoulder connecting to a medium sized bright kelly green purse.
  • Her phone was teal on side, pink on the other as she gabbed to her boyfriend, who showed up looking respectable in his uniform, expect for the rocker hair cut high spikes on his head, the slight cole around his eyes, and the earring in his ear as he bent down to kiss her.


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Junemarie Harper
Apr. 13th, 2014 12:36 pm (UTC)
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