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The Hex Files/Hp Fandom Charity Auction

It seems more and more often than more of Harry Potter fandom is starting to disappear, but I think it's the most shocking, and saddening thing to me as both a writer and long time fangirl that archives such as The Hex Files and HP Fandom Archive are the next on the proverbial chopping block if the owner, Sher De Lune does not get any monetary help from us. It goes without saying that both archives have contributed so much to well-being of our fandom, and some of the fandom's oldest and most belovedstories will disappear without a trace without either archive to host it. So I'm proposing both a donation drive and a charity drive for those like me who can't afford to give monetary help, but would love to auction off a fanwork to help the cause.

If you want to donate you can do it here

Or you can offer and bid on a fanwork in the comments below. The minimum bid is $5, and the bidding ends August 1st!

ETA: Because it was pointed out that I didn't make this clear enough, *headdesk*. Anyway, I'm making it a rule that it has to be a brand new fanwork, and after the bidding closes in August, people will have to take a screencap of their receipts (please feel free to black out any incriminating personal information you want) and email them to lindseyblythe1@gmail.com before they can receive their fanwork.


Theme Song:  Smooth Criminal - David Garrett

Cesare stood in front of the mirror, as he idly brushed his expensive looking wool charcoal gray suit. He adjusted the cuffs of his white linen shirt, and the cuff lengths: one then, then the other, before he glared at his reflection and his already neat black hair once again until he gave a satisfied smirk at his reflection. There was a knock at the door

"Come," Cesare ordered.

A second later, a stout balding man timidly stepped through the door.

"B…Boss, they're ready for ya." The man cough, his face pale, his brow was breaking out with sweat.

Cesare adjusted his jacket and scanning up and body for anything else out of place. He gave a nod, and finally spun around to look at his subordinate. He gave a wide grin, which was more like a shark bearing his teeth than anything relating to smile.

"Let's go." Cesare walked around his desk, and picked up his briefcase, and walked past the man without looking at him.

The man quickly shut the door behind him, and hurried to catch up with Cesare's long strides.
So I love writing, I have been making up stories (mostly fanfiction) in my head since I was old enough to remember. This came to fruition when I took a creative writing class to get an English credit without having to go through the horrors of English Comp.  Ah, those were the days when I wrote everyday, and everything followed out me like honey. However, now it's been over ten years with three kids, and a puppy later. I have improved (believe I have leaps and bounds from my first story *shudders) but I haven't improved the way I want  to improve. 

Being a good writer is a life goal. It has always been the end plan for me. Not a published writer, but A GOOD WRITER.  And I haven't gotten there yet, I don't write constantly, I'm always outlining, I drop projects like there was nothing. I'm ridiculously ambitious and I always fail because my brain loves writing series. But everytime I try to plot a good long plot I end up getting tangled, frustrated, and walking away.

In the last few years, I have been having a real time with mixing and messing up sentences and just writing things that the syntax is so bad I want to cry. It takes me four drafts to get to a place where I publish my work and I'm not satisfied.

The lukewarm reception of my last story has gotten me thinking of how I need to improve, how I want to be a better writer, and I'm going to make it a committement. I'm going to writing consistently, and often. Maybe not everyday, but at least 5 days a week, every week.

I'm going to develop those skills that will one day make me into the writer I want to be, and because in the end I can't just give up writing. I can't quit it, it's like giving up my right arm.

So I'm going to put my big panties on and whip sorry ass into the writer I want to be.  I'll be blogging my efforts here every day so stay tuned.

A Character Sketch Robin Goodfellow

  • Robin Goodfellow is the twin brother of Puck. 
  • Puck is the golden child, the one that everyone remembers.
  • While Robin is the cast away, the black sheep of the family.
  • He loves humanity, but most of the Sidhe/Fairies think they above humanity.
  • He tends to change his style more and more than everyone else.


Just a quick character sketch

  • The woman had her hair up in a messy high pony tell, a swirl of dirty dark brown hair and faded green color. 
  • The smell of heavy perfume, something strong and annoying tickling my nose or assaulting it.
  • The exposed skin of her arms, a blanket of colors of lines symbols, inscribed on her skin. Peaking out from underneath her green tanktop, her jeans were rolled up, a pink on foot, a green on another from old oxford shoes.
  • Her face was hidden by big white glasses, that had swirl of patterns on it. A gold chain looped around her shoulder connecting to a medium sized bright kelly green purse.
  • Her phone was teal on side, pink on the other as she gabbed to her boyfriend, who showed up looking respectable in his uniform, expect for the rocker hair cut high spikes on his head, the slight cole around his eyes, and the earring in his ear as he bent down to kiss her.

Today, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend died because of Lung Cancer.  I never knew Sue, but I'm  not only doing this for my friend Rebel Kitten who lost her aunt today, but for all the people who's lives have been touched, effected, or lost loves ones due  to cancer. If you would like to put a fanfic, or fanart up for bid, please post a comment in the comment section below. You have until today until next Tuesday to bid on your fanwork of choice. When the bidding is closed, please donate the money to these charities and email me a copy or a screenshot of the receipt. 


ETA: You need to donate to one of these charities to qualify to retrieve the fanwork that you bid on - 
The American Cancer Society | Cancer Research U.K. | The Association for International Cancer Research

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